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A child's belief in Jesus

                                            A CHILD’S BELIEF IN JESUS       


    Lucy Williams was ten years old when her parents died in a car accident. She had no


brothers or sisters and was left all alone. She was overcome with grief. Her grandfather,


although he was nearly seventy years old, decided to adopt her and raise her on his own.


Soon after Lucy began to live with her grandfather, she began to smile and was happy


again. This sudden change surprised her grandfather. He wondered what had happened to


make her happiness return but didn’t ask her.


     Lucy’s grandfather was a retired professor of religious studies at the local university.


He spent most of his time painting. It was the joy of his life.      


     A few weeks later, Lucy returned home one Sunday after church. She was saddened


when she saw her grandfather sitting in a chair with his head in his hands sobbing.


     “Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Lucy asked.


     “Look at my hands,” he said somberly. “With my arthritis I can’t paint anymore. I


can’t even hold a paint brush in my hands.”


     “Do you know Jesus?” she asked him.


     “Of course I know about Jesus. He is the central figure of Christianity. He was a


teacher and healer who ministered during the first century in Judea. His life is described


in the New Testament in the Bible.” 


     “No,” Lucy told him. “Do you know Jesus?”


     “No, I don’t know Jesus?” he scoffed.


     “Grandpa, after Mommy and Daddy died I wanted to die too. Then I read in my Bible


about how Jesus healed all kinds of people. I asked him to help me, and then it felt like


He was right in the room with me. My sadness was suddenly gone and all I could feel


was love in my heart for Mommy and Daddy. I was grateful that they were with God in




     “That’s a nice story, Lucy. But how is He going to help me. I know He died over 2000


years ago.”


     “The Bible describes his Resurrection and Ascension in to Heaven, Grandpa. But He


can still come down and be with us. Please believe me.”


     “Thank you, Sweetheart,” he told her. “I know you mean well.”


    Later that evening Lucy’s grandfather sat in his painting studio and looked around the


room at his paintings. He wanted to cry his sadness was so deep. Then he looked up


toward Heaven.


     “Jesus,” he said. “I need Your help. Please, please heal me.”


     A few seconds later a white light shined so brightly in the room that he was almost


blinded. Then he gasped with surprise when, in his bedroom, Jesus stood visibly present


in front of him. He felt a calm peace as Jesus silently reached over and held his arms for a


few moments. “Your sins are forgiven you,” he told him. When Jesus lifted his hands,


Lucy’s grandfather stretched out his healed hands in disbelief. Tears of joy filled his eyes.


     Jesus smiled lovingly at him. “You took Lucy in with only unselfish love in your heart


to help heal her. It is in giving that we receive,” He told him.


     The great white light began to lessen and then the Master was gone.


     The next morning Lucy saw her grandfather painting in his studio.


     “Grandpa!” she exclaimed. “You’re able to paint again!”


     “I had a special visitor last night who came and helped me. I decided to paint His


picture. Look.”


     Her grandfather turned his canvas around so Lucy could see it. When she saw the


portrait of Jesus, she was overjoyed. She walked over and hugged him with gratitude


toward Jesus in her heart.

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