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The Secret of Cobb Creek

The novella, also inspiring for adults, tells the story of a man who travels to eastern Kentucky during the Depression to teach the impoverished, uneducated children of coal miners how to write poetry. It is accompanied by six inspirational short stories.

Poems: A Christian Treasury

This is a collection of forty-five faith-based poems that will uplift and inspire you.

Blessed by the Light

This a collection of stories and poems inspiring for Catholics and other Christians alike.

Return To Holden Beach

Kevin Davis saves Anna Caproni from drowning during the summer of 1980 at Holden Beach, North Carolina. A romance develops between the two teenagers, and they profess their love for each other. Plans for them to meet again, however, do not work out over time. What was once a fiery, young love affair seemingly comes to an end. In 2005, twenty-five years later, Kevin comes upon some old photographs of their time together. He calls Anna and finds out that her husband has recently passed away. He offers to meet with her at Holden Beach to help her grieve. Kevin is single, never having found the woman of his dreams. Will they now rekindle their beach romance of long ago?

A Catholic Anthology

This a collection of the author's Catholic writing prior to 2012. It includes a novella, short stories, children's stories, and poetry.

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