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The Night Visitor

                                                    THE NIGHT VISITOR



     It is late at night and most of the patients are ready to go to sleep at Saint John’s


Hospital.  Clara, a young girl, sits up in bed reading her Bible.  She is tired and sleepy


and her eyelids are getting heavy.  Then she noticed someone in her room.  A strikingly


beautiful young lady walks toward her.  She did not see her come in the room.  The lady


is dressed in spotless white clothes.  She must be a nurse’s aid or a volunteer at the


hospital, Clara thinks.  The lady walks up to her bed.


     “Hi Clara,” she says kindly.  “My name is Mary.  I heard how you saved a small child


today from getting hit by a car.  That was a very brave thing to do.”


     Clara tries to smile.


     “I’m so glad that I saved the little girl.  But both of my legs are broken.  The doctor


says I might never walk again.”


     It’s okay,” Mary says gently.  She smiles at her lovingly.  She reaches out with both


of her arms, and holds Clara’s hands for a few moments.  Clara feels a very warm feeling


fill her entire body.  Mary then lets go of her hand.


     “God bless you child,” she says.  She smiles at Clara again and walks out of the room,


as Clara drifts quickly asleep.


     The next day Clara wakes up with new strength and energy.  I want so much to get up


and walk, she thinks.  She has a strong faith within her.  She pulls herself up and pushes


off the blankets.  Clara gets out of bed and stands on the floor.  She easily walks across


the room.


     “Oh, my God!” Clara says in shock as tears of joy fill her eyes.


     A few minutes later Clara’s mother, Jaclyn, walks in to visit her.  Her eyes open wide


in disbelief.  She can barely speak.


     “What happened?  How are you able to walk? she asks, overjoyed with surprise.


     “I don’t know,” Clara tells her almost speechless mother with a big smile on her face.


     “Last night, a nurse’s aid or volunteer visited me.  She said her name was Mary.”


     Her mom quickly calls for her nurse.  The nurse comes and stares at Clara.  She is also


shocked.  Clara and her mother both ask her about Mary.  


     “I’ve never heard of any helper at the hospital named Mary.  There are no nurses or


volunteers on this floor like you’ve described,” she tells them.


     The nurse leaves the room.  She is still in shock.


     Clara’s mother gives her a big hug.


     “I’m so happy for you! I love you so much, Honey!”


     She quickly leaves to tell her father what has happened.


     Clara sits on the edge of her bed.  She is so grateful and excited that she can hardly sit


still.  Then she sees a small white card on the table next to her bed.  She has not seen it


there before.


     The card says: “Remember, Clara, with God all things are possible.”  It is signed:



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